Windowsill In The Woods

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This place serves extremely delicious pies. Its super adorable Fairytale interior and hidden location are the main reasons that attract people.

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Love their pies!
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This place only serves drinks and pies. It might not sound too appealing, but do give their pies a try, they're simply AMAZING. When I first walked into the place, all the pies on display looked so colourful and appetising, so I had a hard time deciding on what to eat. One of the staff members sensed my dilemma and offered to give me an introduction of all the pies.

I settled on the Grasshopper Pie, which is mint and chocolate flavoured. I had high expectations, because the pie looked so appetising, and I wasn't disappointed. The mint was very light and refreshing, and went very well with the chocolate crumbs. Their iced coffees are also quite decent too.

The whole place looks like a cottage out of a fairytale book, and there's even a huge teddy bear for people who want to hug or take photos. Even though there's no service charge, I really like the awesome service offered by the friendly staff. Definitely one of my favourite cafes.

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I told a friend about this place
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And he decided to bring me there as a surprise.

We were lost for a while. The closest mrt station was Lavender and it was quite a distance away. To save you guys from wasting time wandering, just know that it's directly opposite Jalan Besar Stadium. Or maybe it's only me who doesn't know.

Either way, we managed to find our way here. For a Thursday night, this place was a lot more crowded than I expected.

We looked through the pies/ cakes and my friend decided on a mint slice, while I chose their lime ones. Note that all the pies looked delish so it was a hard choice.

We got an iced latte and mocha each then settled down to wait. Everything came very fast and I was satisfied until I started on the cakes.

Maybe I could've chosen better, but the lime one I chose was incredibly flavourful. I felt very choked. I thought it would've tasted better if they didn't concentrate so much lime in it.

I tried my friend's mint one and it was pretty fresh. Also it tasted like mentos. So I wouldn't get that again either.

My iced latte was way too bitter and his iced mocha was way too thick, so I just drank a lot of their water.

Come here for the ambiance, but eat somewhere else first before heading over.

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