Television Corporation Of Singapore.

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Television Corporation Of Singapore, more commonly known as TCS. It was a television broadcasting service that ceased to exist on 11 February 2001, after the broadcasting companies renovated their system and merged into one called Mediacorp. 

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I adored the logo. I recalled gazing at it in wonder every time it appeared after a local production show ended. It was a simple design that had eye capturing colours that was sufficient in luring my attention. The simplistic design also seemed to contain a fluidity which was rather remarkable. I know of several logos that I'd rather shut my eyelids tight or whip up a pair of shades to prevent being blinded by them.

I was still curious though, as to why they had to change the name. Both names are equivalently pleasant. Mediacorp and TCS. On the other hand, TCS does sound like an abbreviation for a secondary or primary school. I still do believe that they should incorporate those vividly stark colours into the current Mediacorp logo. The current one has a design that is applaudable, but certainly one which isn't starable. The attention span weaned within seconds whenever I caught sight of the new logo.

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