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Jesseca Liu Zhi Xuan is a malaysian actress and model working in singapore. 33 years old. 


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Pretty but typical
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Jesseca Liu is possibly one of the prettiest actresses in Singapore. With her high cheekbones, small face and endearing smile, I can see why she was once touted as one of the seven princesses of Caldecott. She moves witha subtle elegance, and her acting chops aren't bad either - she makes crying seem so easy and effortless.

However, I do feel that she's constantly being casted into the same kind of roles - kind, docile, outgoing, and feminine. In fact, I don't even think she has ever acted as the bad guy, and the word 'evil' is probably not even in her dictionary.

Still, she has a certain girlish charm and elegance about her that definitely makes heads turn, and manages to charm her viewers when onscreen. She definitely has the potential as well as the acting skills to do exceedingly well in the TV industry. Directors definitely need to start casting her in more diversified roles already.

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Brings life to the character!
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One of the 7 princesses of Caldecott Hill, I've always looked up to her for her pretty face and great figure. The first time i've seen her on TV was when she acted as a Vietnamese maid, Ruan Mian Mian, with her tall and slender fit, with long, pin straight hair, she definitely made an impression on my family.

After that we began to see increased presence of her on different local dramas. Her acting has indeed improved from the days as Ruan Mian Mian, and she definitely deserves being upgraded from a mere supporting role to a lead role.
She was the female lead in quite a few dramas and was for quite a few, alongside Christopher Lee. My guess is that both of them are compatible in terms of their age and height.

Hope to see her on screen more often!

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