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Airbnb was created in 2008 at California. It enables users to unravel, reserve, bookmark and make researches of venues anywhere in the world, regardless of your whereabouts. 

Airbnb is commonly used in Singapore for those who are seeking for available accomodations in countries which they'd like to explore.

Airbnb is available online as a website. It also has an application format which can be downloaded on IOS-system gadgets and android phones.


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Cheaper alternative to a hotel
Overall Score 

Airbnb is an alternative to hotels in a foreign country, except cheaper. At a fraction of a price, Airbnb offers similar facilities to a hotel and sometimes more, depending on personal preferences. For instance, while some houses do not provide the luxury of a swimming pool or gym, they provide a kitchen and washing machine.

Based in almost every country, Airbnb is extremely accessible. However, based on personal experiences, what you expect may not always be what you get. I stayed in an apartment (under Airbnb) in Hong Kong which seemed extremely appealing on the mobile app. But what was not mentioned was the fact that the apartment was located next to a pub which was extremely noisy at night and in the wee hours of the morning.

Overall though, I would recommend Airbnb to travellers who are on a tight budget or young couples who want to experience living together.

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Discover and Forage locally.
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This app just comes in handy sometimes. However, while it is meant for the frequent travellers who might actually want to find cheap accommodation in different countries, I actually have find foraging through the local listings.

This is actually quite an interesting app idea. However, my adventures with this app has been fruitful. Having found certain units that are well-furnished, renting any one of these units might just be the next local getaway for me if I need to.

After all, there is no better holiday than a holiday at home - but just not your own home. It's just like holidaying in a local hotel but in an apartment that's a little more comfy and homely than a hotel room.

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Missing those times
Overall Score 

During my exchange period, I have stayed in various apartments which I found through Airbnb. It was a really different experience for me and my exchange buddy, especially when we are so used to having our own private space/hotels.

The best thing about Airbnb is that you get to stay with true locals in their real homes, thus allowing you to have a better understanding of the country’s culture. For instance, most of the hosts are really friendly and they would even recommend you where to go, what to eat and what to be careful of. It somehow reminds me of the buddy system thing we have when we were kids! In fact, when I was in Spain, our hosts were so nice to bring us around on our first day. They brought us around the neighbourhood to get us familiar with all the important landmarks, warned us to be careful about pickpockets and even cooked up an authentic Spanish dinner for us. And every day when we head out or come back, they would give us a friendly smile and ask us about our day. Although we were pretty shy, it was overall a very heart-warming experience.

Of course there were the bad times too. Photos differ from reality, having to share toilets with others or when we couldn’t get in touch with our hosts emergencies etc. However, I feel that all these are just part of the “tour package”. Although I can’t say that all the experiences are good, but they are certainly memorable. Come to think of it, I can seriously remember all the décor of the rooms’ that I have stayed. Now I’m really missing those times.

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I find AirBnB an insightful and practical guide for places where I haven't been before in my life! Simply wonderful.

From the many accounts of how my friends used AirBnB, they positively endorsed it and even recommended it as a great means for me to plan my own holiday. For example, accomodation wise, there are lists with a range of places to stay, from hotels to hostels to backpacker hotels. Moreover, the most recommended places by other uses will naturally feature foremost along with promotions available as well as other good points such as good views, decent showers etc. Hence, the display is not only colourful, but also user-friendly with which you are 'encouraged' indirectly to continue surfing.

However, one note of caution would be not to take everything at face-value. Wonderful looking rooms may not materialise exactly in real life, which was what my cousin experienced when he went budget and got an apartment. Moreover, you have to take into account the level of services and also the cleanliness of the place. For example, it would not be a nice experience to discover termites or dirty bedsheets at a hostel. At least in hotels with decent services, you could be guaranteed a change in room or even pest removal services automatically called in.

Highly encouraged to use but be use it with a pinch of salt. Everything this app features is not as it seems.

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