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Located in Gallery Hotel, Sapporo Ramen Miharu is known for their Miso ramen. They also use specially imported Nishimaya noodles, which are curly and bouncy while retaining a good amount of bite

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The Best Garlic Oil Ramen In Singapore
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Miharu Ramen is now located at Millenia Walk - it moved in November 2014 from its old location, Gallery Hotel. It is well-known for its Sapporo ramen, miso-based ramen with corn, butter and rich and thick soup, very suitable for the colder weather of Hokkaido.

Go in and order #5 - the garlic oil ramen. Trust me, the garlic oil taste will hook you from the start and get you to finish every drop. Unlike some ramen places, you won’t be left feeling thirsty for hours after your meal as there is no excessive usage of MSG in preparing the ramen. Other good choices include Miso Tonkotsu and Tokusen Miso.

Miharu Ramen is one of the few ramen stalls I’ve eaten at that can make you actually feel like you’re in a Japanese ramen shop. Everything, from the music to the semi-open kitchen, gives the restaurant an authentic and cosy feel that transports diners out of a typical Singaporean restaurant and into northern Hokkaido.

Don’t take my word for it and try other ramen stalls as well to see which one suits your palate better. But do give Miharu Ramen’s garlic oil ramen a go, as it’s one of the more unique ramen flavours in our sunny Singapore. For me, Miharu Ramen is one of my favourite single-shop ramen joints, alongside Bari Uma Ramen and Tampopo. There’s only one of each in Singapore and each one is unique in flavour and texture. Make sure you try all of them during your time in Singapore.

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