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Located at level 9 of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, E2Max is the largest e-gaming haven for young people. It has the latest PC, Wii and Xbox games to private rooms you can rent where you can watch DVD movies.

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(Updated: March 06, 2013)
The forgotten part of town
Overall Rating 

E2max used to be one of the most popular hangouts in my teenage years, what with computer games being ALL the rage then i.e. counterstrike, Audition, o2jam etc. In spite of having the luxury of computers and Internet at home, nothing beats having the hearty company of friends around doing exactly the same activity at the same time and place.

Together with my fellow comrades in the past, we used to enjoy booking a room for our own entertainment and fun i.e. card games. It seemed as if that was the only way to hang out in a private environment exclusive to us.

I suppose e2max has slowly lost its luster over the years due to strong competition from other entertainment sources like game cafes.

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decent gaming choice
Overall rating 
Overall Rating 

For those seeking a fun experience, e2max is where could play games, be it of arcade machines or Wii-based games. While you could book a room to play them, the glass doors are transparent. So when you play any wii-dancing game, you would fee; the thrill when some people would randomly stop by outside and watch you dance. Naturally, such games are interactive and good for friend outings or couple dates where everyone is actively involved. The place is not that crowded even on a Saturday so you do get a decent deal of privacy there.

Besides virtual gaming, E2Max also has a dedicated space for players of the Pokemon trading card game which operates every Saturday and sometimes Sunday. If one is interested (regardless of age)in joining the game, one simply could go in and look for the person in-charge to be a member at no cost.

Games aside, one notable thing is that the cleanliness of the toilet is well-maintained. With the good air conditioning and music played in the background, you could really relax while relieving yourself. However, waiting for lift would at least approximately take seven minutes, in which the lift is always packed with people. Still, as they would say, good things are worth waiting for!

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Not such a big deal.
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Being someone who frequents the town area alot, I was pleasantly surprised when my friends brought me to E2Max. No, we weren't there for the gaming but instead we were there for the private rooms to watch a DVD. This was our only option left after finding out that the movie we wanted to watch had sold out. As there were only 3 of us, we had a smaller room. I'm not too sure of the price but my friends who paid said it's within the $20-30 range.

Apparently the renting of the room works like this : Choose whether you want a big room or not, then state whether it's for DVD viewing or gaming, choose the DVD ( at extra charge) and then you're done.

As it was our first visit, we were very lost as the staff didn't even bother to show us where the room was at and we had to resort to asking the cleaner as to where the room was located at. The room that we had was cosy, a small leather couch (that was not comfy) and a bean bag. We eventually sat down on the floor as it felt so much more comfortable.

The service could had been better, seat should be more comfortable as the patrons would probably be sitting there for at least 1 1/2 hours. Only consolation would probably be it offers an alternative if your movie plan crashed and burned due to sold out. Also, the fact that it's located at Orchard. Other than that, not a big deal.

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