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Anton Casey is a 39 year old British. He's also known as the husband to a Singaporean, Bernice Wong. They both have a son together. He used to work as a wealth advisor in Singapore under the company called CrossInvest Asia Pte Ltd. He and his family are now residing at Australia, Perth, after being embroilled in a heated controversy in Singapore.


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(Updated: January 05, 2015)
Unbelievably Condescending and Insensitive
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I would deny him any ratings at all if I could but the meter and submission criteria does not allow. I gave the lowest I could give. I guess we have to congratulate him for his successful endeavour in tarring the image of expats in Singapore, reinforcing misconceptions and fuelling greater dislike towards these foreign talents.

Casey's insensitive and insulting remark no doubt ignited a great outcry amongst the majority of the Singaporeans who uses the train and buses as a means of daily transport. I think it is really disappointing that someone of such debased character can enter Singapore in the glorious name of 'talent'. I hope he does not teach his children the same twisted principles he himself has.

Regardless of his apologies, I am sure the masses will not accept it. I wouldn't too, for our pride, I wouldn't. The words he spoke verbalizes his thoughts, and actions he did actualized his beliefs so I don't think any amount of personal guilt or remorse he felt on his part could have possibly resolve our deepened mistrust against him and perhaps, the other foreign expats.

I'll conclude my statement on a fair note though. He may have committed an irrevocable act that was massively injurious to our prides, we should not implicate his other family members who are innocent and uninvolved. Instead of sending them death threats and hounding them outside their houses, we should hold our heads up and stand in unity against these condescending figures.

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There is no doubt that Anton Casey's remarks were insensitive. Plus the fact that Singapore has one of the best public transport systems in the world, that only added salt to the wound. Plus the fact that he is a foreign talent, that only fuelled the distrust between foreigners and Singaporeans.

He went way out of line. Yes, some people do not like taking public transport. But it was hardly necessary to label it as having a stench. Surely the body odour present on some buses and trains could not have been that bad. I take public transport regularly and I don't complain.

This is another classic example of shooting your mouth off and landing in hot soup. I'm certain that he regrets his words. I'm certain that it was just a gimmick to boast and flaunt his Porsche. I don't believe anyone could be so insensitive. Yet, Singaporeans are unforgiving and we have forced him to leave for Perth with his family. Once again, we see that one's actions can also harm those around you.

I don't need him to leave for good or revoke his PR status. But what I do hope, is that we as Singporeans learn to be the better person, and forgive. We all make mistakes, but let us be in the spirit of forgiveness. Let us give Anton Casey another chance, and determine if he is truly sorry. And if he is, let us do right by our morals and give him the chance to make amendments.

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Unfair to tar all foreigners with the same brush
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Considered as one of Singapore's prized expats, I'm pretty sure he isn't so in the eyes of the Singaporean public.

With his derogatory comments that speak ill of the majority of the Singaporeans, he isn't someone that I would put on my favourite list as well.

Thinking about his attitude, it isn't actually right to just condemn him outright - in fact, the attitude that he takes does not fairly represent the foreign talents. In fact, I find that the attitude that he takes is actually behaviour that might be expected among the people who are more well-off or in the richer percentage of the population. Just like how it is unfair to tar all of the rich with the same brush, it is also unfair to tar all foreign talents with the same brush based on his case with nasty comments from Singaporeans along the lines of "go back to your country". in actual retrospect, the behaviour that he exhibits is characteristic of the rich and not just foreigners - if the 'rich' can afford to buy a variety of branded cars, they naturally have no need for public transport, what more the need to associate with the lower income percentage of the population.

Though it is a wrong attitude to adopt in the treating our fellow men, it is something that cannot be avoided - human pride has always existed since the days of man, so what else can change that? In fact, it is just that the people think this way didn't blatantly - and stupidly - air their views publicly.

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You call that talent?
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In the age of social media, one's own thoughts can literally speak volumes, sometimes literally spirally out of control. No doubt Anton Casey has exceptional financial skills with a sound mind for business, but however, he should understand the common fact that in the online digital community that is Singapore, materials have a tendency to burst into flames.

Hence, I feel that what Anton Casey did was not to think of the consequences of his actions. In his haste to show the world his wealth, this obnoxious ang moh strongly played the message that he looks down on middle class and lower class citizens as a whole.

If he had studied his economics, he would have known that the middle and lower classes essentially props up the economy. Middle class spending is the primary driver of economic growth. Moreover, basic infrastructure such as the MRT gives Singapore credibility such that foreign investors have the confidence to invest in Singapore. Hence, the money channels which his firm manages and hence his rice bowl (allowing his to buy a posh car and house).

In essence, I feel that Anton Casey is a stupid global 'talent' who bites the hands of people who gives him his rice bowl. Moreover, he does not think of the consequences before embarking on an action.

Singapore would indeed be better off without him.

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